Data Freight, Inc.

Data Freight, Inc. is a complete supply chain solutions provider of best-in-class freight bill pre-audit and payment services, freight bill logistical analysis and consulting solutions and nationwide brokerage services.


What we provide

Combining our state-of-the-art client server technology with our highly experienced and professional freight payment specialists we provide for our clients:

Freight Audit and Payment

Freight Audit and Payment with high quality data capture for their reporting and review needs, extremely accurate and timely payment of all of their freight transactions and sophisticated reporting solutions to meet their demanding transportation strategies.

Logistical Analysis

Logistical Analysis and Rate Negotiations by providing carrier selection, development, negotiations and management; shipment routing optimizations; freight spend analysis and shipment trends / benchmarking; best practices development and training for transportation departments and an advanced rating and routing system (ARRP) for optimum carrier selection.

Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services prides itself as a full service shipment supplier handling partial and full truckloads and specializing in a professional manner yet with a personal approach.