Freight Audit and Payment

DATA FREIGHT provides a complete package of analyzing, allocating, auditing, paying, processing and reporting of your freight bills. Our service is economical and will be customized to your specific needs. You will receive timely and accurate reports that allow you to manage your cash flow - not the paper flow.

Proven Results:

  • Our staff of experienced auditors pride themselves on accomplishing an accurate and timely pre-audit of all of your freight bills. In 2008, Data Freight achieved an average ROI for our clients of 8 to 1, (meaning we returned almost eight dollars for every one they paid us by identifying duplicate billings and freight bill overcharges)
  • Timely processing and payment schedule
  • Consistent high quality data capture
  • Customized client coding
  • Professional yet personalized client service and solutions
  • State of the art reporting tools

  • We desire to become an integral part of your strategic plan for success in your marketplace.
  • We are truly "client driven and results oriented".

Those interested in our freight payment services call Ken Schenke at (816) 607-6305 or email kschenke@datafreight.com.